Mini Basket

Mini Basket

Recent audits of campus waste have revealed that approximately 30% of office waste sent to the landfill is recyclable. As part of Michigan State University’s vision for sustainability we encourage you to think outside the landfill by trying a Mini Basket as an alternative to the traditional under-the-desk trash can.

How it Works

The Mini Basket is a small .75 gallon container with hinged lid that replaces your traditional and much larger trash receptacle. Once full you are responsible for emptying the Mini Basket into a larger centralized container (much like how your current office recycling program works). This program is designed to promote conscious awareness of what you throw away by making it slightly more difficult than recycling. This awareness can lead to increased recycling and less waste. You may even find yourself altering purchasing habits by instantly recognizing packaging materials that are not recyclable through our program.

  • Replace your trash can with a Mini Basket
  • Convert your trash can into a plastic/metal recycling bin (optional)
  • Use your at-desk recycling boxes for paper
  • Use your Mini Basket for waste
  • Decide with your office mates where the centralized station should be (if you don’t already have one)
  • Empty your recyclables and waste into a centralized station

Setting up your Desk with a Mini Basket and Recycling Station

How to Join the Program

Contact us to schedule a brief presentation about the program. We can present at a staff meeting, set up an open house or speak at one of your events. It can take as little as 10 minutes to get up and running depending on the the level of education requested. We will bring the Mini Baskets with us and you will have them that day. Please call 517-355-1723 or email for more information.