Bike-in Movie Night

Bike-in Movie Night

Bike, walk, bus, run, skateboard, or even drive (if you must) to the MSU Bikes Service Center at Bessey Hall, on Saturday, September 13th, for MSU Sustainability’s first-ever Bike-In Movie Night. The movie chosen for this event is “The Clean Bin Project,” a story about two people who attempt a year of waste-free living. The movie will begin at 8PM sharp and will be projected onto the back exterior wall of the Bike Center. Guests are welcome to sit in the grass between the Bike Center and the Bessey Hall parking lot, and are encouraged to bring their own blankets or folding chairs.

Admission is free and open to the public, and starting at 7PM the Eat at State On-The-Go Green Food Truck will be on site for guests wishing to purchase concessions items. But remember that we are trying to make this a zero-waste event, so please bring any drinks or snacks in reusable or recyclable containers and dispose of any waste items in the recycling and compost containers provided during the event.

In case of rain or inclement weather, the event will be rescheduled for a later date. For more information regarding this event, call (517)355-1723 or email



Feed the Worms! Join the Compost Club.

Stop! Step away from the trash can with that apple core – those coffee grounds – that stash of used tissues. That’s worm food, and somewhere in south campus on the Student Organic Farm, there’s a hungry Red Wiggler worm (let’s call him Ralph), who’s longing for your organic waste. This summer, help feed worms like Ralph by joining MSU’s new Compost Club.

Sponsored by MSU Sustainability and the Student Organic Farm, the Compost Club will provide university employees with a landfill-alternative disposal option for their compostable organic waste (i.e. fruit scraps, paper napkins, tea bags, etc.). This means you, as the environmentally friendly, tree-hugging Spartan we know you are (even if it’s hidden deep inside), now have a chance to divert even more waste from your landfill containers.

Here’s how it works: For $20 a month (or less when purchasing at a multi-bin discounted rate), club participants will receive a 20 gallon collection bin, to be exchanged on a weekly basis via bike trailer (yes even our collection method is environmentally friendly). Once collected, the organic waste will be shred and delivered to the Student Organic Farm to undergo vermicomposting, a process in which worms (like Ralph) and other micro-organisms are utilized to turn organic waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer. Compost produced through this program will then be used for growing vegetables and herbs at the Student Organic Farm, and will also be sold to the public through the MSU Surplus Store. All proceeds generated through this program will go towards supporting MSU Bikes and the Student Organic Farm operations.

So if you think about it, by joining the Compost Club, not only will your waste help feed worms like Ralph, it will go towards returning nutrients to an entire ecosystem, all while feeding the local economy. To learn more about joining the Compost Club, contact MSU Recycling at, or by calling 517-355-1723.

Feed the worms