Office Clean Out

MSU Surplus Store & Recycling offers everything you need for an office clean out.  Any services can be combined or used individually for your project.

If you have a mix of different items to be sent to the Surplus Store as well as recyclable materials and they are ready to go right now, you can simply complete a Service Request (or Asset Transfer for MSU Inventoried items). Surplus Store staff will arrive at your department with containers, help load all items and remove them that day. This free service allows you the convenience of one-stop shopping while maximizing the opportunity for reusing/recycling items no longer needed.

If, however, an office clean out consists mostly of emptying file cabinets, etc. and recycling the contents, you can have temporary containers delivered to assist you. Curb carts and/or hampers are the typical containers* employed to collect any recyclable items.  When you are done with the project, of if you have filled one or more containers and need empty ones to continue, please complete a Service Request.

The preferred method of collection is to separate materials into the common recycling categories found in most buildings (White Office Paper, Mixed Office Paper/Boxboard, Newspaper, Plastic-Metal, Corrugated Cardboard, Books, etc.). However, if space considerations make this separation impossible, combined recycling options do exist (all paper products together with bagged plastic-metal).

*MSU Recycling has other containers/methods for collection of materials and will employ the one(s) that are in the best interest of both the customer and the department.