Confidential Shredding

Recycling offers Confidential Shredding Services to university departments. To order a confidential shred container, please log into the Online Request System. Customers can use this system to create new requests, add accounts for invoicing purposes, and review the status of previous requests. Once an order is placed, Recycling staff will deliver containers to the designated university location.


Items accepted for confidential shredding are divided into two categories, Mixed Office Paper, and Electronic Media.

  • Mixed Office Paper includes any paper materials to be shredded.
    • Not accepted: hanging file folders, laminated paper, transparency film, binder clips, tree ring binders, plastic bags/packaging, vinyl sheet protectors, electronic media.
  • Electronic Media includes any non-paper items requiring data destruction (i.e. computer hard drives, DVDs, data tapes, microfilm, etc.).


Because each type of material requires a specific destruction process, materials must be collected for destruction in separate containers by category. MSU Recycling currently offers the following 3 container options for confidential shredding:

  • Mixed Office Paper
    • Secure Slim Jim – This desk-side container may only be used for collecting Mixed Office Paper. Its dimensions are 21” x 11” x 32” with a 28 gallon capacity. Available as routed containers only.
    • Large Security Curb Cart – This two-wheeled container may only be used for collecting Mixed Office Paper.  Its dimensions are 28” x 26″ x 43” with a 96 gallon capacity.
  • Electronic Media –
    • Security Hamper – This six-wheeled container may only be used for collecting non-paper, Electronic Media. Its dimensions are 43” x 29” x 38” with a 176 gallon capacity.

All container options for the Confidential Shredding program have locked lids. Keys for these locks will remain in the possession of Recycling. Should a department wish to have their containers unlocked for any reason, they must indicate this through the online request system, either by selecting the “unlock” service from the drop down menu or by writing “unlock container” within the notes field of their service request.


Customers will be billed for service (pickup or exchange) of any security container. If for any reason a customer should wish to have their containers unlocked after the initial time of container drop-off, they will be billed an additional $5 service fee. Fees incurred for any shredding services are billed directly to one or more designated university accounts. Customers should select the appropriate accounts billable when completing any online service request. The following fees apply for MSU’s Confidential Shredding Services:

Secure Slim Jim Rental Up to 60 days $10 per service
Large Security Curb Cart Rental Up to 60 days $25 per service
Security Hamper Rental Up to 60 days $25 per service
Unlock Container N/A $5 per service


All containers will be loaned to departments for no more than a 60-day rental period. This 60-day period shall begin at the time of container drop-off and shall end at the time an exchange or pick-up request is scheduled. If after 60 days of use a department has not scheduled a service request to have their container(s) exchanged or removed, a pick-up request will automatically be generated to exchange said container(s) and they will be billed accordingly.


Customers wishing to make frequent and regular use of Confidential Shredding Services may request to have their services routed. Routed services will occur automatically without the need for an additional Service Request. These services can occur on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis. While all containers are available as a routed service, Secure Slim Jim rentals are only available as a routed service.

Departments wishing to automate their service requests should contact Recycling at in order to determine an appropriate schedule for their services.