Holiday Light Recycling Collection

November 17th – December 5th

Not sure what to do with your old strands of holiday lights? Starting November 17th through December 5th, we will be accepting light strands for recycling at our public recycling drop off center. Light strands should be placed in the specially marked collection containers located at the drop off site, and we ask visitors to remember packaging, extra bulbs, plastic bags, string reels, and other items should not be placed in these container with the strands.

10 Ways to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle this Halloween

Reduce Reuse Recycle Halloween

With Halloween just a week a way, we wanted to arm every Spartan with tools for having a “Spartan green” holiday by reducing, reusing, and recycling.


Tip #1 – Reduce energy use in your decorative lighting by using LED lights.

Tip #2 – Buy a reusable “trick-or-treat” tote, or reuse an old pillow case for collecting candy.

Tip #3 – Once Halloween is over, recycle your old pumpkins in a compost pile or by bringing them to the MSU Surplus Store to compost.

Tip #4 – Reduce carbon emissions by choosing a “trick-or-treat” location within walking, biking, or bussing distance from your home.

Tip #5 – Save old Halloween costumes  or donate them to places like the MSU Surplus Store so they can be reused.

Tip #6 – Recycle any leftover paper or plastic packaging from your Halloween candy.

Tip #7 – Try to match the amount of candy you buy to the number of “trick-or-treaters” you expect to reduce the chance of excess candy going to waste.

Tip #8 – Choose reusable decorations that you can keep year after year or donate.

Tip #9 – Support recycling markets by purchasing holiday decorations and party wear made from recycled materials.

Tip #10 – Get crafty and make you Halloween costume and decorations out of upcycled or repurposed items.


For more ideas on having a “Spartan Green” Halloween, visit the following resources: Ten Green Halloween Tips; 25 Unforgettable Homemade Halloween Costumes Made from Recycled Materials; Recycled Halloween Crafts. Or, come to the MSU Surplus Store to find locally grown pumpkins, or that perfect accessory for your DIY Halloween costume.