New Paper Recycling

MSU Recycling Office Paper InstructionsMSU Recycling is working to make paper recycling easier on campus. From February through April, staff will be converting hallway recycling stations in academic and administrative buildings to reduce the number of paper containers from three to two. All paper products that are currently accepted will continue to be recycled, so this does not mean that less paper will be accepted for recycling. Rather, recycling paper will be simplified with less sorting.

The new containers will collect Office Paper and Mixed Paper, featuring the new color-coded signage you see above. Office Paper includes paper typically used in an office or classroom, such as white and colored copy paper, letterheads, notebook paper, tablet paper, index cards and computer paper. Mixed Paper includes a wide variety of lower-grade paper and paper products, such as newspaper, boxboard, beverage boxes, catalogs, magazines, directories, junk mail, envelopes, Post-it notes, ream wrappers and greeting cards.

MSU Recycling Mixed Paper InstructionsOther recycling collection (Plastic/Metal and others) will receive updated signage as well, but those collection processes are not changing at this time. Please remember that any items that contain food or other residue must be wiped and/or rinsed clean.

Recycling stations within residential facilities will convert to the new signage and collection over the summer.

MSU Faculty and staff which have at Desk Recycling or Intermediate Recycling Boxes in their office area with the “White Paper” and “Mixed Paper” label are encouraged to order replacement labels or boxes at no cost.

Labels can be ordered from the Surplus Store and will be delivered to you.

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