CFL Recycling & Incandescent Swap

CFL Recycling & Incandescent Swap

Compact Fluorescent Lights, or CFL’s for short, are an alternative to incandescent bulbs. CFL’s use about 75% less energy than a normal bulb, in addition to lasting ten times longer. This makes CFL’s an economically and environmentally sustainable product. However, these bulbs also contain mercury, which, when not recycled properly, can pollute our water, air, and soil.

Starting fall semester 2013, Bailey Hall will have bins available for students to recycle their bulbs in. Staff will collect, and recycle these bulbs so that the mercury is disposed of in a proper manner. During move-in, residents of Bailey Hall will have the opportunity to swap out their incandescent bulbs for CFL’s. While the swap out program is only available to residents of Bailey, all Michigan State students are encouraged to come to the bins, and dispose of their bulbs in the proper manner.

For any questions please contact:

Alec Latta
Miya DeVoogd

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